On Jet and Post Lag

The bags are almost packed, the final preparations made.

I’m going to Washington DC and New York!

Come 2:30 am tomorrow morning (or more like late tonight) I will be leaving on a bus speeding toward the airport to jump on a plane with my friends to go on a one week organized tour in the capital and NY!

I know I’ve lagged in posting for the past bit, but you’ll have to wait another week before I will be sufficiently recovered from the jet lag to blog all about my trip. Since this is an organized tour, I’ll be depending on restaurants for food (eeek!), moving constantly, and hyped on adrenaline all week. I’m hoping to be like any other teenager going on this trip, despite my gluten-free vegan diet. Once I get back, tips and stories will be coming:

  • Restaurant eating tips and what I found to eat
  • A trip to Babycakes!
  • Food to bring (and not to bring) on a guided tour
  • General survival tips
  • Anything that seems of importance (let me know if your interested in something I didn’t list here)

Once I get back, I’ll also respond to some commenters and such– so if your waiting fo ra reply to your shout out, wait till next week.

OK. Here I go to cook my last meal (at home, that is). See ya next week!


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3 Responses to On Jet and Post Lag

  1. CourtandWhit says:

    Yay! Happy blog b-day hehe 🙂 Our blogs 1 year will be in September. I cannot believe how fast the time has flew.


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