The (Not So) Secret Life of Squirrels

Squirrels are one of those “wild” animals that happily mix their personal lives into the lives of humans. We enjoy feeding them– and the squirrels enjoy eating the offerings! My family has some squirrels who frequent our house in hope of some goodies. And who are we to refuse? I bring my camera out with a handful of seeds and snap shots, the critters don’t mind!

This must be  a momma squirrel. See the nipples? (Sorry, hope you don’t think that’s inappropriate). I really love the composition of this shot– what a picture puuurrrfect squirrel (oops! That’s for cats– sorry girly!)

A (Seed) Love Story

Our hero is contemplating whether to dash away or come to the teenage girl with a creepy lens thing– who admittedly has a handful of seeds.

Curious little guy!

Our hero succumbed to the allure of a treat! Nomnomnom… squirrely says: “I think I’m in love”

Oh yes– totally in love.


And the seed lived happily ever after traveling through the squirrel’s digestive system (and then in a pile of….. but we won’t go there)

Qurious Cuestion:

Do you feed “wild” animals? Have you made any particularly good friends? When I was seven we lived in a remote area in two trailers and a yurt on some land (no joke!). Our compost pile attracted plenty of raccoons, one of whom was a particular friend. I dubbed her Friendly (yeah, I know, really original). I fed her homemade french fries, bread, and anything else I thought she would like. She once tried to some on our trailer for some food! She was awesome.

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2 Responses to The (Not So) Secret Life of Squirrels

  1. Hey miss VeGirl! I think you’re awesome; I hope you know that :). Your shout-out to me the other day made me so happy that I want to try and return some of the happiness.
    Featuring you tomorrow!

  2. Kelsey says:

    i wish i found ur blog sooner! wow im so impressed- you are amazing! and since my blog is you can see why i love this post SO MUCH MORE!! omg look at the little guy chewin on MY FAV SEED! u spoiled him hehe ❤

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