Tropical Eats and Shiny Shoes

I feel as though I’ve been to the tropics and back, even though the temperature barely pushed sixty degrees today. The day began with some palate-pleasing (read: AMAZING) homemade vegan yogurt. Into the blender went frozen mango, silken tofu, and some water to pull it all together. That’s it. And it turned out phenomenal! Thank you Katie, you have taught me how to make (and eat) healthy, delicious, simple food and feel sinful at the same time!

Vegan mango yogurt, topped with cashews, which added to the tropical effect. Not pictured: a small bowl of naked granola (puffed rice and GF oats, toasted, with raisins and a few unsweetened bakers chocolate bits) topped with the last dregs of my creamy hemp milk. My apologies for the lousy picture, it was that good!

Later in the day, I was hankering for some more mango-licous yogurt. This time I tossed frozen banana and mango into the blender with much less silken tofu, as well as some water. The result? Creamy sorbet/frozen yogurt effect! (I’ve never actually had frozen yogurt, vegan or otherwise, but this is how I would imagine it would taste).

I really wasn’t feeling it, even topped with cashews. Bring in the backup!

Unsweetened bakers chocolate curls. Just a few. It really pulled everything together! Delish!

All in all, a pretty great day! I even managed to buy some pretty silver shoes to go with my new dress (I HATE shoe shopping- it wasn’t so bad by myself today though. Well, and the lady working there helped me choose the right shoes. I know nothing about that sort of thing!).

Shiny shoes

Accompanying dress. Pretty, huh?

Pattern close-up

I normally don’t wear dresses, but I’m going on a guided tour of Washington DC and New York with a school group in a couple of weeks and all the girls are dressing up when we see the broadway show “Mamma Mia!” I’m so excited! This wil be one of the first times for me eating out at reastraunts regularly, and going GF vegan in the real world (gasp). I’ll have tips and suggestions ready for ya when I return (and when I found out what I should have been prepared for!)

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3 Responses to Tropical Eats and Shiny Shoes

  1. That looks GORGEOUS! I am obsessed with mangoes, so I want to try your yogurt flavor!
    Have fun in NY and DC. I’m super-jealous!

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  3. All right, I officially have to get my hands on some silken tofu. You’ve renewed my desire to make tofu pudding, so thank you!

    What camera do you have? Your pictures are beautiful!

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