Confessions of an Almond Butter Addict

I am addicted. When you see something you’ve always wanted to try- on sale– you always buy it. Right?

I have put off trying the acclaimed delicious almond butter* for ages, because $10 a 16 oz jar? Forget it. But $6 for a pound?  I bought it. I tried it.

I’m addicted.

(I stockpiled while the almond goodness was on sale!)

That stuff is insane– creamy, roasted almond flavor, naturally slightly sweet– it’s the stuff of dreams. I’m a sucker for soft, creamy, baby-food-like food. Smooth creamy almond butter fits the bill perfectly. It deserves its own post**:

A few ways to enjoy almond butter:

#1 Almond butter and jelly go together like, well, peanut butter and jelly! I bought some St. Dalfour brand all-natural fruit conserves just for my almond butter. Whoa, was it worth it! I particularly enjoy the black raspberry. Tortillas are the bread in my household (we use and love Food for Life brand brown rice tortillas), so an almond butter and jelly (excuse me, I meant fruit conserve) tortilla roll-up have become an addition to my daily routine.

(I normally don’t actually roll up my tortilla, but eat it like a huge, soft piece of round toast)

#2 Dipping sauce for fruit slices. I have used pear and apple slices (see these photos), but I imagine banana to be a great dipper. I can’t wait for all the summer fruits coming, to see what new almond butter companions I can find!

(I have seen the light!)

#3 Chocolate almond butter (Katie, I’m looking at you). I LOVE dark chocolate (I once bought a 90% cocoa content chocolate bar and though it was “just a bit strong, but still delicious”. My friend looked on in horror), so for my chocolate almond butter, I just mixed some cocoa powder in and the natural almond sweetness did the rest. AMAZING.

#4 This hardly counts as a suggestion, but I am guilty of eating the stuff straight off the spreading knife. Don’t knock it till you try it.


I’ll be excited to design lots of delightful almond butter desserts and savory fare, but I haven’t quite gotten past the pure palate joy of eating it plain!

*I know what you’re wondering: why didn’t I just make almond butter myself? Trust me, I would have liked to! We have No vita-mix and a pitiful (read: hand me down and crappy) food processor. That thing couldn’t grind something into a paste to save its life. I know, I know, I could use extra oil to make a blender almond butter, but I don’t enjoy the gut-bomb feeling of extra oil. I have looked into buying my own nut-butter maker, but was unable to find an affordable, practical machine.  I guess for now I’m just stuck using the community grinder at the natural food store and buying my smooth and creamy butter!

**No, I was not paid to review this product, nor given free almond butter (I wish!!). I bought this out of own (hole burning) wallet. This new addiction is going to burn a hole straight through my wallet, jeans, and singe my behind. However, if MaraNatha would like to give me some free almond butter, I have no objections!
Peace out! –VEGirl

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6 Responses to Confessions of an Almond Butter Addict

  1. Damjana says:

    I can imagine what it would taste like. I once made ab at home. Almonds ase hard to grind into a smooth paste. Enjoy your new love!
    Nb. I have the same problems when eating late and feel lousy the morning after:s

  2. Damjana says:

    the chocolate butter is too bitter for me and it didnt persuade me. I just discovered there’s 55g sugar in milk chocolates, shocking. In chocolate powder to put into milk there’s 75g sugar in 100g. Oh dear.
    Pb is great!

  3. vegirl says:

    Well, chocolate butter sounds for me because I am a hard core chocolate lover! I don’t even bother with chocolate bars any more, and I don’t need much to satisfy me– so when I have a fix, I like it really bitter and reach for cocoa powder or unsweetened bakers chocolate. Maybe you should try the butter with less cocoa powder next time? You could also make your own milk chocolate by stirring in a non-dairy milk (I recommend hemp- it’s really luscious and creamy)!
    Let me know!

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  6. almond butter enthusiast says:

    I sub almond butter plus a little bit of apple butter or even water for regular butter in cookie recipes or in apple crisps (I don’t eat dairy). I highly recommend the substitution. My husband also uses almond butter instead of oil when he makes bread. It is delicious.

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