Fat Huggin’ Fun

I finally got around to posting my (healthy) fat huggin’ photos in honor of Hug-A-Fat month. Hope you like ’em! The “hug” is spelled with almond butter (more about that addiction another day), “a” is spelled with peanut butter, and “fat” is scrawled by the wonderful Mr. Raw Tahini. I decided to use an apple and pear slice because fruit (in addition to bread and tortillas) are my favorite canvas for my beloved nut and seed butters!

(half demolished healthy fats, no time fore better photo quality!-  we can never be apart for too long)

Join the fun! There’s one more week left in Hug-A-Fat month- so grab your favorite (healthy) fat and get your hug on!

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4 Responses to Fat Huggin’ Fun

    Love all your photos (I sent you an email too).

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  4. Hey there!

    My name is Kelsey and I just came across your blog on Katie’s website. I absolutely love it! We have a lot in common: I’m also homeschooled, and I’m a health-conscious, vegetarian/mostly vegan teenager. I also avoid processed food and make everything I eat as natural as possible. Unlike you I’m not allergic to gluten, but I find the gluten-free lifestyle very interesting and I’m always up for wheat alternatives.

    Check out my blog if you get the chance: http://cleanteenkelsey.wordpress.com


    Kelsey 🙂

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