Happy Halloween!

Well, you or your kids have probably already finished trick-or-treating, but I’m still up and felt compelled to say……..Happy Halloween!

I have a couple cool things coming soon. I’m so excited to share this- I will soon put up a vanilla cupcake recipe, that is GF, vegan, low-fat, and sugar free. I just have to do a couple tweaks, and it will be perfect. Unfortunately I can’t do this for a week or so, because the five gallon bucket of agave nectar we ordered (we are bulk kind of people) wont arrive until Thursday-ish. However the original “prototype” cupcakes were not tasted by just me, but by the whole family- decked out in Hannah’s Monster (green) Frosting, and set with a vegan marshmallow tombstone ghost thingy. Oh- and a mint sprig that somehow survived the cold outside.

Second order of business- though not in time for Halloween, I will soon disclose an Almond Bliss Bar recipe. I wanted an original name so that the Almond Joy won’t sue me or something. Almond Joy’s encompass three of my favorite things- chocolate, coconut, and almonds. mmmmmm..

Happy Halloween (again),

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