Soy Whip

OMG I discovered the most delicious thing in my life.

Yes, it’s Soy Whip from Soyatoo!®

This is straight from their website:

Soyatoo!® Soy Whip™:

  • is 100 % vegan & free of cholesterol
  • contains 40 % less fat than classic whipped cream
  • is gluten free
  • contains 0% trans fat and is heart-healthy
  • is perfect with fruit, desserts & beverages
  • has incredible flavor and texture and no soy bean taste
  • comes in a practical spray can

YAY! And in addition to ALL that, it tastes fantastic. We had it on a chocolate zucchini cake that I made (gluten-free vegan, obviously!), and then the next day, in a homemade mocha. Just heavenly. It practically tastes like dairy whipped cream! No soy aftertaste, if you know what I mean. It was so good I did what my Grandpa used to do before I went vegan- I sprayed the stuff straight into my mouth. Please don’t gross out and leave. It was delicious! I can’t wait to use it for Thanksgiving….

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2 Responses to Soy Whip

  1. Hannah says:

    Have you tried their new Rice Whip? I just reviewed it on my blog… Its a very impressive product! I must admit, I still do prefer the Soy Whip, though.

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